Dubai Expo 2020 UAE As The Real Estate Booster By Shravan Gupta.

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Dubai: Dubai is well known for its high-rise buildings. This concept underwent some change and it witnessed a slowdown. It is beyond doubt that the Dubai expo is the most famous exhibition in the world. The Dubai expo was scheduled to be held in 2020 but the advent of pandemic pushed it to 2021. There were views that the delay would prove to be a dampener but such is not the case. Shravan Gupta feels that real estate will witness a major turnaround in its fortunes.

Dubai expo has been a regular feature of Dubai for the past few years. This one is more different from others as it has come amid an ongoing pandemic. Despite this change, real estate is seeing some major changes. It is an excellent opportunity for real estate magnets like Shravan Gupta.

Shravan Gupta MGF Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director at Emaar

Factors that play an essential role in the boost of real estate.

  • New visitors influx.

Dubai expo has brought a new influx of visitors to the country. This has acted as the game-changer in terms of real estate. Shravan Gupta feels that this new trend is going to be a game-changer. There is a sudden surge in demand for new properties and builders are going to make new constructions to meet this demand. It is of no surprise then that most builders are finding Dubai as a new haven for the real estate market.

  • Sudden economic boost.

Real estate is going to be the latest economic booster. Any new investment in real estate means a change in fortunes for businessmen like Shravan Gupta. Experts estimate that it will bring in millions of dollars of investment in the sector. This has also led to a sudden surge in demand for rental apartments and property. Its credit goes to more influx of visitors in the state.

  • New concepts in residential apartments.

Gone are the days when one only needed an apartment with basic amenities. The Dubai expo has highlighted the need for new concepts in residential apartments. Most sought -out apartments in Dubai are now ones consisting of Gyms and spas within the comfort of home. Shravan Gupta feels this changes the dynamics of the new residential apartments.

With an increase in residential demands, experts feel more real estate entrepreneurs will look to build villas with huge open areas.

Dubai is one city that will undergo a complete change once the Dubai expo is over. Dubai Expo is going to boost sales nearly by 74% in the coming months. This will be a tremendous boost for the real estate economy.

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