Shravan Gupta shared his views on real estate industry at Global Real Estate Summit 2019, Beijing.

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Uoolu, the leading platform for cross-border real estate transactions, will host the 2nd Global Real Estate Internet Summit in Beijing on Jan. 14, 2019 with the theme of “Technology links Global Real Estate”, where it will unveil the award “2019 Uoolu Global Real Estate Top 100”.

The First Global Real Estate Internet Summit held in January 2018 brought together hundreds of developers from 22 countries, including Emaar the largest developer in the Middle East, Lennar the largest residential developer in US and Origin the fast growing and public developer in Thailand, etc. Hundreds of renowned media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, South China Morning Post and Financial Times, have reported on the influential summit.

The theme of the 2nd Global Real Estate Summit in 2019 is “Technology links Global Real Estate”. Along with the development of technology including AI and big data, with the tendency of online transactions, Uoolu will innovatively launch the global technology solution to real estate developers, helping them to market their brands, accurately locate clients and close online transactions around the world wide.

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