Real Estate in the UK by Shravan Gupta

Mumbai: the UK is one of the countries which have gone through a tremendous transformation. Since the exit from Brexit, there have been various changes in the way business is being done now. 

Experts likeShravan Guptafeel that UK Business is bound to witness some changes. These changes have made its presence felt in the Real Estate sector. In the past few months, there has been an increase in the overall sales figure of Real Estate. And this sector is bound to experience more in the coming years. 

This drastic change has been made possible due to changes implemented by the current government.

The UK Government has undertaken some reforms which have proven beneficial in reviving the real estate sector post-pandemic era.  

Online housing sale 

The ongoing pandemic has made essential changes in the way property is bought and sold. Gone are the days when one had to go physically to buy homes. Builders like Shravan Gupta feel that online real estate sales via Zoom or AR have proven critical in increasing the sales of houses in the UK. This has boosted the overall sale of houses boosting the profit levels. 

Good Govt backed schemes 

There was very little government intervention from the UK Govt. But this trend has undergone a complete change. Now the Government is planning some special schemes to back the real estate sector. Shravan Gupta feels this has proven crucial yet beneficial in implementing schemes.  

Some special schemes have been made available for housing like Government-backed loans. This has made it possible to buy homes for everyone. Some builders offer incentivization for first time home buyers. It can be credited towards enhancement in sales for the first time as well as second time buyers. 

More real estate investments 

It has been estimated by experts like Shravan Gupta that there will be more investments by mid-2022. People have realized the value of living in their own homes and prefer to buy them. One major noticeable change is the type of homes. Today people buy homes in suburbs rather than cities. Market experts feel that this will account for about a 40% enhancement in overall investments.  

More sustainable buildings

It is the need of the hour to have an environment-friendly building. Most prominent builders like Shravan Gupta believe that it will reap dividends in the long run. Buildings that are environmentally friendly and sustainable will yield high rentals.  

The policy advocated by the current UK Government is the best. It has led to an increase in the housing and retail sector. 

The final point

 Shravan Gupta feels that it is the best time to invest in Real Estate in the UK right now. This trend is likely to continue till the end of 2022. Read More

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